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Patrick Joseph Welby

Berniece Crawford - 10:17pm Oct 24, 2005 Irish

Hello, I am the grandaughter of Patrick Joseph Welby. My grandmother was Katherine Keaney Welby. I believe Galway was the home of either one or both. I am to visit Ireland in February and am wondering who I have left for relatives in Ireland. Anyone??? Bee

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Bernard Wood - 02:12pm Feb 16, 2009 Irish (#124 of 228)

I am looking for my grandfathers missing years??. He was baptised in "TUAM" Cathedral? in 1889. His name was Patrick Brennan/His father also named "Patrick" is listed as a "Farmer" on my Grandfathers Wedding certificate dated 1915 in England.Witness to the wedding to "Beatrice Ollerhead" is a "Thomas Rabbit" also of I believe Irish decent. Maybe a relative or friend from childhood. I know from my search that this was a familiar name in "Galway" in this period but hope someone may tie the three names and the addresses together. What I am looking for is the missing years between baptism and marriage in England.


Pamela Cole - 05:54pm Feb 17, 2009 Irish (#125 of 228)

Hi there, I'm trying to trace any information about the McHugh family in Tuam, especially concerning my grandfather Thomas McHugh and his brother or cousin Patrick McHugh. Any information about births, marriages, deaths and migration would be appreciated.


paul turner - 08:49pm Feb 19, 2009 Irish (#126 of 228)

looking for any info on ARCHIBALD TURNER b 1797 Wife Ann,sons Thomas b 1836,Francis b 1841 Anthony b 1842 & Augustine b 1843 Came to USA(Boston)in 1852 aboard Ship William Wirt


anne57 - 08:55pm Feb 23, 2009 Irish (#127 of 228)

Hello I am the great gran daughter of Catherine Moran, She came to England 1800s with three sons, Patrick, William,Ben, not sure if she was a widow before leaving Ireland. Any help, Horsepuppies@hotmail.co.uk


rosina smth - 10:12am Mar 7, 2009 Irish (#128 of 228)

THOMAS MALLOY I am trying to trace my ancestor Thomas MALLOY who married Anne O'BRIEN about 1838 in CLIFDEN, COUNTY GALWAY. They had 13 children and emigrated to DUMBARTON, SCOTLAND in the mid 1800s. Can anyone help. I have information to share.


LiRae Sullins - 02:17pm Mar 27, 2009 Irish (#129 of 228)

MULLEN: On my gr-gr uncle's death notice and death certificate I have finally found his parent's names and they are Lawrence Mullen father and Ellen Fearon/Feerin mother. Both reports state gr-gr-uncle Lawrence "came from Co. Galway", but no townland nor village is given. They were Roman Catholic. Gr-gr-uncle Lawrence was born around Jan. 1840; his brother Dennis b. around 1830; their sister Hannah b. around 1837; and my gr-gr-grandfather Patrick b. around 1824; with a brother named William birth unknown. There was also a brother named Thomas, who it was told by gr-gr-uncle Lawrence to his children and handed down, that Thomas stayed in Ireland, but it is NOT known if Thomas survived the famine to marry and have children. Gr-gr-uncle Lawrence also tells of the family 'farming' on an estate called Briefield or Briarfield (all depends on which of his children wrote the stories down), and that it was a great estate AND that the "older" siblings that married got their first homes, if they would also stay and farm the land. So, we believe there were more children. We've heard of a Bridget, Catherine and a John. Can anyone direct me to a parish/cemetery/townland/village where I might locate any Mullens/Fearons that could possibly be related to me? I've worked on my dad's family for 23yrs now, and I won't give up until I find out who I am and where I came from. Thank you. LiRae (Mullen) Sullins cuaislingiw@att.net


kenneth flairty - 12:45pm May 15, 2009 Irish (#130 of 228)

lookingforanything i can get on thomas eugene flaherty born oct. 15,1834 in cork county but moved to galway county.he come to the united states in 1851. kenneth flairty thanks


vanessa - 08:29pm May 25, 2009 Irish (#131 of 228)

I wondered if anyone could help me with tracing the births and parents of my great great grandparents Joseph O'Hara and Mary Browne. They were born around 1829. I believe in County Galway. I have searched for their births and cannot find them. I have found their marriage certificate. They were married 22/09/1852 in the Parish of Rahoon and the address that Joseph lived at was Munster Lane. Witnesses were William Gorman and Honor Hynes. It does not give the names of their parents on the certificate that I found on line. Thanking anyone that could help for their time. Kind regards Vanessa


Richard Vella - 03:10am Jun 27, 2009 Irish (#132 of 228)

Carol Vella Hi am trying to trace my family in Derrygoolin, Galway. Michael Duggan wed Mary O'Hallaran early 1800 and stayed there. John born 1818 and Patrick born 1820 and Bridget born 1823 Children immigrated to Australia. Thankyou


ann partington - 03:16pm Jul 22, 2009 Irish (#133 of 228)

any information on birth records of thomas waldron born in galway 1856, dont know what part of galway his fathers name was john waldron thomas married margaret welsh from clare they lived in north of england 1880 are before as they were married in 1882 any imfromation will be of great help thank you


michael69 - 04:11pm Jul 22, 2009 Irish (#134 of 228)

I am looking for family of martin higgins/john higgins /jimmy higgins from cong co mayo who immegrated to chicago in the early 1900s .


Norman Casserley - 11:32am Aug 10, 2009 Irish (#135 of 228)

I am looking for my great grandad James Casserly.I have him living in townland Pollaturick Galway in 1911 He had a son Thomas my grandad who went to england and married in 1910.


Denise Maciver - 05:44am Aug 11, 2009 Irish (#136 of 228)

Hi After years of searching I have now found some info on my irish ancestors. With the release of the 1911 census I have now found that my gg grandfather was born in Galway about 1845, before this I only had his birth as Ireland. His name was James Fallon. First mention of him I can find in England is a marriage certificate from 1867 showing him marrying Bridget Condry in 1867 at St Helens, Lancashire. On the certificate his father is shown as Patrick a Labourer. I know this is not much info to go on but if anyone can help it would be most appreciated.


aine ni chibhleachain - 12:54pm Aug 17, 2009 Irish (#137 of 228)

Re: Thomas Timothy, Dunmore Would like to hear from Terry Clayton. Thomas Timothy was my grandad. Please contact me for more information.


patricia knight - 08:59pm Sep 11, 2009 Irish (#138 of 228)


Looking for gggrandmother Catherine DUFFY who married John BUTTE. We believe they were from ORANMORE, GALWAY and married there. Daughter, Delia BUTTE, was my ggrandmother. Delia went to elementary school at St. Joseph's parish in ORANMORE, GALWAY---my parents saw her school records on a visit there in the early 1960's.

Thomas KANE, my ggrandfather, married Delia BUTTE in 1886 in LYNN, MA. They had + + children: Catherine, Thomas, William, Agnes(married Michael O'DONNELL and moved to San Francisco), Cecelia (my paternal grandmother--married Charles HOFFMAN in LYNN, MA), Nora (Honora), and John. All the children were born in Lynn, MA in the 1890's. All the children, with the exception of Agnes, lived and died in LYNN,MA. Delia also married John COMER in 1900 after the death of Thomas in 1896.

Bridget (BURKE) KANE, my gggrandmother, was the mother of Thomas KANE. We think they were from Galway but are not sure what city....

If any of this sounds familiar, please post a message for me. Thank you.

Gratefully, Patti (Hoffman) Knight


Mary Ann Pierce - 12:36am Oct 7, 2009 Irish (#139 of 228)

Looking for information on the Reddington Family. On a family tombstone we found the name of John Reddington that was listed as from Galway, Ireland. He was a relative of Bridget Reddington. She was my great-grandmother from Ireland who was married to John O'Connor. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Arlene Pattison - 11:57pm Oct 7, 2009 Irish (#140 of 228)

Does anyone know of a tiny family?? graveyard just off the main road between Galway and Clifden? It was situated on the right side between the road and the lake and the mountain came down to the shore of the lake on the other side. My great grandparents John and Ann Connolly are buried there, along with some Kings and others. If you can tell me exactly where it is, I may be able to send someone there to obtain a census of the burials. Any help appreciated. Arlene Pattison


Alannah Ryane - 11:37pm Oct 23, 2009 Irish (#141 of 228)

I have an internet series called By Her Roots - The Search for Peter Martin on www.rootstelevision.com and my You Tube channel www.youtube.com/user/RyaneInc. Peter Martin first shows up in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1749. The rumour was that he was from Galway..i have checked with the Galway Martins and 9 years of research has not turned up any Peter Martins from that time period. Would appreciate any info thanks


Sheelagh Phillips - 07:07am Nov 6, 2009 Irish (#142 of 228)

My grandfather was Thomas LARKIN who Married Margaret MULLIN, Barnaboy Loughrea c 1893. Both would have been buried ?Abbey Cemetery, Loughrea. Margaret MULLIN'S father was Martin MULLIN and mother Barbara ADAMS.

Does Loughrea Cemetery have an on-line index of burials? Any information or contact would be great. Sheelagh


Greg Stephens - 04:48am Dec 25, 2009 Irish (#143 of 228)

I'm looking for my ancestors details. William Stevens/Stephens and Catherine Norton/Naughton. They had a son about 1839/40 named Patrick who eventually immigrated here to Australia abt 1855. There's a William & Catherine Stevens in the 1851 England Census which has the whole family listed as being born in Co.Galway. William abt 1821, wife Catherine abt 1816, Mary 1835, Catherine 1837, Patrick 1839, Thomas 1841 and Bridget 1845. Any help gratefully appreciated. Thanks.


Robert Horan - 08:21pm Dec 26, 2009 Irish (#144 of 228)

I'm looking for my Great Grandfather. His name was Timothy Horan. He married Ann Callagy from Kilimor, Co. Galway. Ann was baptised the 1st of June, 1843 in Killimor. Her father was Pat Callagy and her mother was Mary Donohue. Timothy and Ann were married in Salford, England in 1872 and raised their family in Hoyland Nether, Elsecar, in Yorkshire England. They migrated to NYC in 1885. Timothy's father may have been either Patrick or Thomas Horan married to a Bridget (Delia) Madden around 1835. Timothy was supposedly born near Portumna, between 1841 and 1846, but I have been unable to locate him in the LDS chruch records for the area. Any help would be appreciated.


Marian Hardiman - 11:02pm Jan 28, 2010 Irish (#145 of 228)

Campbell - Conneely (Molly or Mary, Doonaun, Monivea, Co. Galway

Looking for information on Molly (Mary) Conneely who married Campbell (first name not known) and lived in the San Francisco area from early 1900's onwards. Had a son and perhaps 2 daughters (twins?). Related to Mamie Dougherty (nee Mannion) Galway who also lived in San Francisco. She had one sister Nora and 2 brothers in Ireland. Her father was Thomas Conneely and her mother was Nora (nee Mannion). She is listed as being 17 yrs old in 1901 Census of Ireland but does not appear in the 1911 Census so has emigrated by then. She never returned to Ireland as her son was "killed in the war" - that is all the information I have. Pictures of her with her husband and a baby are in my mother's house. Would love to trace her family or find out where she is laid to rest as she is my grandmother's only sister.


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